Concentration Final Assignment

This is the result of several months of work on one subject. I chose the subject of my concentration back January and then spent four months working on improving myself and my photos under its umbrella. My concentration is outlined as follows:

My concentration is surreal portraiture focused on creating a fantastical environment that accentuates the abilities and mood of the character depicted. The photos are tied together using heavy compositing, a complementary color scheme, cinematic color grading, and deep space to create figure/ground relationship and a sense of drama and fantasy.

Flickr album:

This is the description submitted as part of my submission to the college board/AP:

1 has blue and orange color tones from the sunset and shows figure/ground relationship. 2 has yellow and blue as well as green and red color tones and uses composite editing to bring life to the character. 3 has blue and orange color tones and the background/pose bring depth and connect the character to the scene. 4 uses a high contrast cinematic grade and 3d compositing to tell the story behind the character. 5 has another high contrast cinematic grade that brings some blues into the shadows to complement the oranges and uses composited props to tell the character's story. 6 uses an expansive background to create figure/ground relationship, has high contrast, and has blue and orange color tones. 7 uses a CG background to create depth and figure/ground relationship that would otherwise be impossible. 8 continues that trend and also ties in composited lightning as well as high contrast. 9 again uses dominant blue with orange and high contrast with a CG background and CG prop in the dragon. 10 highlights the complimentary colors by making that contrast part of the focal point. 11 uses matte painting techniques to combine several photos into a new background as well as the dominant blue colors and CG lightning. 12 uses desaturated blues and saturated pinks as well as high local contrast on the subject to draw viewers' interest.

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