Rocketry Part 1: Initial Design Ideas

Today we started a rocketry assignment in my engineering class. The objective is to make a model rocket that has an apogee of as close to 300ft as possible and that touches down in as close to 30 seconds as possible. I have a few ideas for possible designs, which I've written down here. Next I'll recreate them in OpenRocket and see what they look like.

#Small & light - Primary:

  1. Cardboard tube
  2. Balsa fins
  3. Aerodynamic nose cone
  4. Altimeter snug fit with its own recovery device - streamer or parachute

#Heavy & innovative - fun idea: Multi-rotor recovery

  1. 3d printed tube
  2. 3d printed nose cone, aerodynamic with modification
  3. 3d printed fins
  4. Altimeter in nose cone

I had the idea to have some sort of small model helicopter or multirotor that would I would be able to control to make the landing exactly at 30 seconds. I don't know how practical this would be though. I was thinking there are those small quad- or hex-rotors that I may be able to mount inside the rocket or nose cone somehow and attach the altimeter to it, then have it deploy properly at max height. I'll have to explore this idea further to see about the practicality of it.

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